4 Star free agents the Atlanta Falcons should be chasing in 2024

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2. Kirk Cousins

If the Atlanta Falcons don't believe they can get in draft position for Jayden Daniels or Drake Maye it is time to chase Kirk Cousins. Cousins is continually given heat and yet continues to put up great numbers and keep his team in games. Looking back at his career what is the best team that Cousins has been a part of? While Kirk is given a hard time for lack of playoff success, he seemingly always has his team in the hunt even on rosters with clear issues.

Even with Arthur Smith, if Cousins was Atlanta's quarterback this season they are in the playoffs. The veteran quarterback is the missing piece for this Atlanta roster. If the Falcons don't believe they can put themselves in a position to draft a franchise quarterback Cousins is the only obvious fit.

Justin Fields is a scary acquisition and Kyler Murray has a terrible contract. There is no scenario in which the Falcons should take on either player if they have the option to draft Daniels or sign Cousins. Kirk has his issues but compared to what the Falcons have watched the past two seasons will be an unbelievable upgrade.