4 Stats that prove QB Matt Ryan can still be a starter in the NFL

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2. Matt Ryan ranked 2nd when kept clean, 10th when under pressure, and 3rd altogether, in adjusted completion percentage

We all know how finicky completion percentage can be. Drops can completely screw up a stat like that, so Pro Football Focus lists each quarterback's adjusted completion percentage for a more accurate representation and Matt Ryan dominated.

Let's start with his adjusted completion percentage when he had a clean area to throw the ball. Only one player had a percentage better than Matt Ryan's 82.3%, and that was Daniel Jones. It was better than Patrick Mahomes, Trevor Lawrence, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, and dozens of other NFL QBs.

While his percentage didn't rank quite as high when he was under pressure, he still ranked 10th at 67%. And then as a whole, he was 3rd in adjusted completion percentage (78.6%). Only Daniel Jones and Justin Herbert were better in that area.