4 Stats that prove QB Matt Ryan can still be a starter in the NFL

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Matt Ryan was 2nd in 4th quarter comebacks and 5th in game-winning drives

Matty Ice has often been criticized for "melting" in games but that couldn't be further from the truth. He isn't the one melting, his teammates are.

The Indianapolis Colts had their eyes set on a Super Bowl and instead, they got the third-overall pick. I feel like a broken record but it was a complete disaster. With that being said, they likely wouldn't have won a single game last season as they went 4-7-1 with Ryan under center and 0-5 with their other two quarterbacks.

Matt Ryan even willed them to win those games as he had 5 fourth-quarter comebacks (which includes the overtime tie) which was the second most in the NFL. Kirk Cousins was the only QB with more.

Ryan also had four game-winning drives which was fifth behind Kirk Cousins (8) and Tom Brady (5), Justin Herbert (5), and Daniel Jones (5).

Needless to say, Matt Ryan, even at age 38, is still an accurate, opportunistic, clutch quarterback who can still be a good starter in the NFL.

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