4 Teams ahead of the Atlanta Falcons clearly drafting a quarterback

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Terry Fontenot
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Of the few frustrating aspects of the Atlanta Falcons' off-season have been the consistent mock drafts that have the Falcons targeting Will Levis or Anthony Richardson. Some have had the team moving up for a pass-rushing prospect as well seemingly ignoring everything that has been done and said by Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith this off-season.

This duo is clearly all about adding roster depth and if anything should be expected to trade down to add further picks. Moving up doesn't fit what this front office is building and should be taken off the table along with the possibility of drafting a quarterback in the first round.

Any mock that has the Falcons taking a quarterback at this point or even earlier in the off-season is clearly not only ignoring the Falcons but the teams in front of them.

While trades could shake this up if we are simply looking at the teams in front of the Falcons likely to take a quarterback there are three clear landing spots and one that is likely to happen. Even if the Falcons didn't believe in Desmond Ridder as they so obviously do the team would be taking the 5th option at the position with only two real first-round prospects. With the best quarterbacks clearly off the board long before Atlanta's number is called.