4 Teams ahead of the Atlanta Falcons clearly drafting a quarterback

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3. Indianapolis Colts

It is going to be yet another long season for the Colts and their fans a year after believing Matt Ryan would fix the franchise or two years after turning to Carson Wentz as the answer. The Colts have started the following since the 2016 season: Andrew Luck, Scott Tolzien, Jacoby Brissett, Brian Hoyer, Phillip Rivers, Carson Wentz, Matt Ryan, Nick Foles, and Sam Ehlinger.

The Colts are clearly going to take a quarterback in the first round even if it is only going to further that list. Indy is in a terrible position with a roster going in the wrong direction looking for a franchise quarterback as one of the worst landing spots in the league.

It should be the Colts and Cardinals competing for the first overall pick next season and if the Colts select Will Levis that only furthers that thought. The Colts' best move is moving on from veterans and committing to an accelerated rebuild looking to trade down and add picks to a roster that clearly isn't going to be fixed even if Levis or Richardson prove to be the franchise answers they so clearly don't appear to be. Indy is going to take a quarterback and it is only going to push this franchise further in the wrong direction.