4 Teams ahead of the Atlanta Falcons clearly drafting a quarterback

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4. Las Vegas Raiders or the Titans trading up

Two teams that could make a move for the final first-round quarterback on the board are the Titans and the Raiders. Despite having Jimmy G. and Ryan Tannehill respectively neither team likely feels great about their starter long-term and could very easily make a move. If it is Richardson still on the board the teams could view the prospect as a developmental project allowing Richardson to sit behind the current starter for a season or two putting further pressure on two veterans with question marks surrounding their futures.

The Raiders are moving on from the Derek Carr era and need every reason to feel they made the right decision. Taking a quarterback isn't the wise move and that is the reason it is the obvious choice for the Raiders to make despite the signing of Jimmy.

For the Titans, it is simple Malik Willis isn't an answer and Ryan Tannehill has declined since Arthur Smith left the Titans. Clearly, in a deep and talented AFC, the Titans aren't winning many playoff games with Tannehill and have a player who cannot complete a pass in Malik Willis.

Making the aggressive move of jumping ahead of Atlanta and selecting the last quarterback on the board or even moving up to third and having a choice between the final two quarterback prospects in the first round is completely on the board for the Titans.