4 Teams Julio Jones could continue his career with

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Four teams who could bring in Julio Jones as a veteran wide receiver

Julio Jones is nowhere near the player that he was four years ago, no one is going to deny that. He isn't going to go for 1,000 yards ever again but he can still help out a team both on the field and off the field. After all, there might not be a better coach who can also take the field in the NFL.

We have no idea what his intentions are moving forward but let's just say that he is coming back for another season, what are the teams that could potentially bring him in?

Let's look at four teams that stick out as being landing spots for the future Hall of Fame receiver.

1. Atlanta Falcons

Admittedly, this landing spot makes more sense for the Atlanta Falcons than it does for Julio Jones. Julio didn't exactly have the smoothest exit from the team and who knows whether he would give the reunion even a moment of consideration.

But, Drake London is the key to all of this. London was excellent as a rookie and seems destined for stardom, nevertheless, what wide receiver out there wouldn't benefit from having Julio Jones coaching them? Julio has been one of the best receivers ever, especially when it comes to using his size, which is exactly what London excels in. It would give the emerging receiver a strong leader.

Not to mention, the Falcons also have a giant hole behind London. Not to say that Julio would be a patch, but he wouldn't hurt. It just comes down to his health.