4 Teams Julio Jones could continue his career with

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4. New England Patriots

In my opinion, the New England Patriots make the most sense for Julio Jones—for numerous reasons.

The first is that Bill Belichick has always had the utmost respect for Julio Jones. He has always viewed him as one of the best players to ever play and he always has focused his defenses on stopping the monster WR. Belichick even saw his dominance firsthand when Julio made that incredible catch on the sideline in Super Bowl LI.

The second reason is that the Patriots have always been willing to bring in veteran receivers, just think about Randy Moss from back in the day. While I don't think that he can have a Moss-type impact on the Pats, if I were Julio, he can still do something.

If I were Julio, I would trust Belichick and his staff to get the most out of me. It would just come down to the quarterback position, which also brings up another point—Mac Jones went to Alabama, Julio went to Alabama, for what that is worth.

And the last reason is that the Patriots need more bodies at receiver, even after the JuJu Smith-Schuster addition. Their second and third-string WRs are Tyquan Thornton and Kendrick Bourne—Julio would certainly improve that group, if healthy.