4 Top prospects that could fall the Atlanta Falcons way in the 2023 draft

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Ladd Mcconkey, Trikweze Bridges, Christian Gonzalez
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3. Christian Gonzalez 1st Round

If the teams in front of the Falcons make the obvious move both Jalen Carter and Christian Gonzalez will be off the board before Atlanta's number is called. Both players are better prospects than the quarterbacks likely to be taken in front of them and barring injuries should have far longer careers in this league as starters.

Gonzalez and A.J. Terrell is a dream duo for the Falcons with Casey Hayward as the veteran mentor and Mike Hughes and Dee Alford as depth options. While Atlanta badly needs an edge rusher is Gonzalez is on the board refusing to reach and taking the best corner in the draft is the right decision.

Atlanta clearly will adopt a "best player available" appraoch and if Christian is on the board there are very few prospects the team should have in front of him. With Jalen Carter and Will Anderson as the only obvious prospects who should be above Gonzalez.

If Atlanta doesn't trade down the best possible outcome for the Falcons is landing either Carter or Gonzalez. Trading up for Anderson would be a mistake and there seems to be zero chance the pass rusher will still be on the board after the first five picks.