4 trades the Falcons should make, including blockbuster trade with Commanders

With Tuesday's trade deadline approaching, here are four trades the Atlanta Falcons should make right now
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Atlanta Falcons acquire speedy WR from the Arizona Cardinals

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Speed is something the Atlanta Falcons have been lacking. Or, more accurately, threatening speed. The Falcons have Scotty Miller but he has made just one play so far this year and hasn't proven to be a consistent threat anywhere on the field. Acquiring Marquise Brown could transform the deep passing game of the Falcons.

'Hollywood' Brown is a former first-round pick who was eventually traded to Arizona for a first-round pick. The Cardinals are not going to get that same return on him if they elect to trade him and the Falcons should take advantage of that.

Brown can be a threat anywhere on the field. He would finally give the Atlanta Falcons a good number-two wide receiver. Terry Fontenot should be targeting this talented receiver.

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