4 valid reasons the Atlanta Falcons didn't make a blockbuster trade

There are several legit reasons why the Atlanta Falcons made nothing more than two minor trades prior to the NFL trade deadline
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3. Defense has not been the issue for the Atlanta Falcons

Defensive players have really owned the trade market this year. You had names like Montez Sweat, Chase Young, Danielle Hunter, Jaylon Johnson, Kevin Byard, etc. who were rumored to be on the trading block.

While it is always nice to upgrade the strength of your team, adding one of those players isn't exactly going to fix your inconsistent offense.

The Atlanta Falcons have not been able to consistently score points this season and it has been their biggest problem. Everyone in this fanbase would have loved to have seen Montez Sweat but why would the addition matter if you cannot move the ball on offense?

It really is a double-edged sword. Improve your defense and hope your offense comes alive, or play things more conservatively and stick with what you have? Either way, the offense doesn't get any better.