4 valid reasons the Atlanta Falcons didn't make a blockbuster trade

There are several legit reasons why the Atlanta Falcons made nothing more than two minor trades prior to the NFL trade deadline
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4. Atlanta Falcons did not want to overpay

The Atlanta Falcons would have been stupid to offer the Commanders a first-round pick for Montez Sweat. It wasn't going to happen because the Bears made a strange move that really screwed over the Falcons.

As for Chase Young, the decision to not trade a third-round pick is certainly a little more difficult to justify. However, there is a real argument to be made that it would have been a bad move for the Falcons.

First of all, Chase Young has not stayed healthy and has had questions about his work ethic. Those are two things that would scare me to death if I were looking to trade a third-round pick for Young. Second, he is going to demand a lot of money in the offseason. Once again, even if Young doesn't get injured this season, is it really a good idea to invest tens of millions in Young?

And finally, there is Danielle Hunter who wasn't likely to be traded. The Vikings have been trending up (though the Kirk Cousins injury throws a wrench into that) and Hunter has been the league's best pass rusher. I would have been stunned if they had traded him away for anything less than a first-round pick. That compensation is just too much for the Falcons, at this point.

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