4 Winners from the Atlanta Falcons 2023 draft class

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2. Kyle Pitts

Last season was a mess for Kyle Pitts long before a Chicago Bears defender decided to unnecessarily dive into Kyle's knee. Pitts and Mariota were unable to ever get on the same page and Atlanta's best pass catcher was underutilized in a season that saw major regression from the star tight end.

This draft class is going to help change that as well as the emergence of Drake London and Tyler Allgeier last season. No longer do the Falcons have a quarterback incapable of completing basic throws.

Mariota didn't give Pitts the chances that Matt Ryan did the season before leading to the regression. Pitts was used as a blocker far too often and not given enough touches for a player of his ceiling. The additions on offense and the decision to move forward with Ridder as a starter completely change the outlook for Pitts in 2023.

The opposing defense is going to be far too distracted with the trio of Patterson, Allgeier, and Robinson battering them up front to put as much attention on a player that will remind the league what he is capable of in the 2023 season. With an average passer and a better blocking option in Jonnu Smith Atlanta now has everything needed to put Kyle's career back on track.