4 Winners from the Atlanta Falcons 2023 draft class

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3. Mack Hollins and Scotty Miller

It would seem the Falcons are content moving forward without a second clear option at receiver. If the season started today you would assume that Miller and Hollins would be the second and third options for the Falcons.

Considering the early chemistry shown with Desmond Ridder you could put Jared Bernhardt into that conversation as well. However, while Hollins and Miller are clear winners from the draft due to the lack of clear competition being added it is the biggest position of concern for Atlanta.

In Arthur Smith's system passing the ball is always going to be the second option. This will be true even more considering the addition of Bijan Robinson and the lack of receivers after Kyle Pitts and Drake London.

While Atlanta didn't need a star as their second target it would have been a huge help to at least have a player capable of making a consistent impact. Perhaps Mack Hollins will prove to be that answer, however, there is plenty of reason to doubt considering his resume and lack of reps.

Atlanta was expected to add to the position early in the draft but opted to continue to take who they believed to be the best player on the board. Something they can't be faulted for even with the obvious concerns at receiver.