4 Winners from the Atlanta Falcons 2023 draft class

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4. Arthur Smith

Selecting Bijan Robinson and Matthew Bergeron in the first two picks sends is as great as a draft could get for Arthur Smith. Smith has perfectly built this team on both sides of the ball to how the third year head coach wants his team to play.

Robinson, Patterson, and Allgeier are clearly the best running back trio in the league and will give the Falcons consistent control of the clock. Add in great defensive additions and the Falcons clearly have put Smith in the best position the head coach has been in during his three years in Atlanta.

Aside from the draft additions Smith will greatly benefit from the coaching additions of Jerry Gray and Ryan Nielsen as well. Two coaches who are more than accomplished enough to be coordinators and run one side of the ball themselves. Atlanta adding both coaches is underrated.

A young quarterback willing to play point guard and a myriad of weapons at the skill positions has Arthur Smith's offense ready to take a huge leap and should have them as favorites in the NFC South.