5 Atlanta Falcons facing the most scrutiny this summer

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1. Terry Fontenot

The Atlanta Falcons offseason has both increased expectations for the team and the heat on the Atlanta Falcons GM. Raheem Morris is a fresh start and shares no blame for the mistakes of the last three years. This along with the fact you cannot fire owner Arthur Blank leaves the bulk of the remaining frustration on Fontenot.

Atlanta's GM has shown an impressive ability to navigate the cap and land surprise bargain deals. However, the GM has also been a part of a number of draft swings and misses, and adding Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota.

The continued refusal to address the pass rush and taking the risk of drafting Penix 8th overall has only increased the concern. Add in refusing a lob of a trade back in this year's draft and the reasons for frustration are continuing to grow.

If things go poorly for the Falcons, this season it is unlikely to be Morris who pays for the missteps. It will likely be staff changes and Terry Fontenot paying the price. There is also the consistent inability to find a capable edge rusher. Fontenot is by far in the most tedious of positions and needs a playoff appearance this season.