5 Atlanta Falcons facing the most scrutiny this summer

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2. Kirk Cousins

Due to his reputation, it seems that Kirk Cousins is always under fire. It is a bit unfair in one aspect. Cousins has never professed to consider himself among the league's greatest quarterbacks. Pundits don't put this pressure on Cousins either putting the veteran in the 10-15 ranking range.

With this in mind, it remains odd that Cousins catches so much heat for his record in night games or in the playoffs. What elite offense or great defense has Cousins been a part of? Washington and Minnesota were never set up to go deep into the playoffs.

This brings us to the reason that there has been heat on Cousins and it remains in Atlanta. Kirk is elite at cashing in and getting the most out of every free agency and extension. This was the case in Atlanta as well with a 4 year deal worth $180 -million. It is interesting to consider what the quarterback might have made if not for his season ending injury.

Kirk Cousins is always going to be under pressure as long as he is a starting quarterback in this league. That is both the narrative that has been crafted for him and one he has fueled by his contract management.