5 Atlanta Falcons facing the most scrutiny this summer

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3. Kaleb McGary

Kaleb McGary has been a frustrating player to evaluate during his entire tenure with Atlanta. One game he looks like one of the better right tackles in the league and in the next, he is completely lost. At times McGary looks like a traffic cone in pass protection simply serving as a kind warning for pass rushers.

With Kirk Cousins now under center, this isn't going to work McGary has to be consistent. His 2022 season should be the standard for McGary to stay in the starting lineup. Cousins is already coming off of a season-ending injury and has to be consistently protected. The rest of Atlanta's line can be counted on, McGary is the only clear question mark.

In limited action backup tackle Storm Norton was strong in relief. If McGary struggles early don't be surprised if the team quickly makes a change in the starting lineup. McGary cannot be cut until next season but if the team believes Norton is the better option it wouldn't be at all surprising to see Kaleb on the bench.

The right tackle is the only question mark on what is arguably Atlanta's strongest unit. Someone to keep a close eye on throughout camp and early on in the season.