5 Atlanta Falcons facing the most scrutiny this summer

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5. Raheem Morris

Raheem Morris is under pressure based on his career and nothing he has done with Atlanta thus far. Morris was set for failure in Tampa and didn't have control of his team. It isn't fair to hold Tampa against the coach based on what he was given and allowed to do.

However, that hasn't stopped the league from moving in other directions when Morris was equally qualified. Raheem has worked hard for a second chance and there are very few third chances for coaches in this league.

Despite Atlanta's lack of pass rush and secondary questions Morris has to make it work this time around. This means a playoff appearance and a strong season from Kirk Cousins and the offense. Raheem Morris should be given the same amount of time as Arthur Smith barring worse results.

If he cannot make it work within that time frame it is likely the end of his career as a head coach in this league. The league isn't always fair and that has unquestionably been the case for Morris who deserved this chance. Now it is the head coach under immense pressure to make it work and prove that Tampa was simply due to how the team was set up.