5 Atlanta Falcons fans should be excited about in 2024 season

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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1. Kyle Pitts

The frustration that has been directed at this Atlanta Falcons pick is understandable but misdirected. Watching back the games in the 2022 and 2023 seasons it was coaching and the quarterback position holding back Kyle.

Yes, the 2023 season was a struggle due to injuries but Pitts still gave his quarterback chances. Desmond Ridder and Marcus Mariota simply couldn't get on the same page with their tight end. There is also the fact that Arthur Smith's offense often used Pitts as a blocker instead of a primary option.

All of these problems have been removed in the 2024 season. Kirk Cousins is the best quarterback Pitts has had since his historic rookie season. New offensive coordinator Zac Robinson is not going to be using Pitts as a blocker often with blocking tight ends added to the roster.

Robinson's system is likely going to use Pitts primarily as a receiver. This is the best-case scenario for Kyle's career and should set the star for a huge season. The impact of spreading out the field will be felt as well allowing Pitts and London far more time and room to work. This season is one that will define Kyle Pitts.