5 Atlanta Falcons most likely to have a breakout 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
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1. Bijan Robinson

There shouldn't be any debate that when considering players in a perfect position to breakout in the 2023 season Robinson is at the top of the list. Clearly, the Atlanta Falcons strongly believe in the rookies' ability and have an offense that is perfectly set up for his skill set.

Add in two great backs behind the rookie in Tyler Allgeier and Cordarrelle Patterson and it will be surprising if Robinson doesn't have a big year. A small part of what makes Robinson so well suited for Arthur Smith's offense is both the ability to finish through contact as well as top-end speed to simply outrun the field. It is a lethal combination that paired with Tyler's punishing style is going to make this Atlanta run attack the best in the league.

Add in what Bijan can do in the screen game and going to the outside as a receiver and the rookie is a walking mismatch. Arthur Smith couldn't have added a more perfect fit for the offense he loves to run than Robinson.

Bijan should be considered a favorite for Rookie of the Year and quickly become the face of the Atlanta Falcons franchise.