5 Atlanta Falcons most likely to have a breakout 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
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2. Desmond Ridder

Including Desmond Ridder isn't about the belief that the starter is a top-ten quarterback but a franchise option. Ridder's ceiling is much higher than many Atlanta Falcons fans realize with an above-average arm and great decision-making capabilities.

With a full season ahead of him in Arthur Smith's offense Ridder's ability as a runner will be used far more often than in his first four starts as well. With a great rushing attack Atlanta is often going to be using play action and Ridder will use his ability to scramble to take advantage of opposing defenses that will be preoccupied with Atlanta's myriad of weapons.

A breakout season for Ridder is the second-year quarterback locking up the starting job and being consistently capable throughout the season. If that happens Atlanta could be an 11-13 win team considering the division they are a part of and the ease of the 2023 schedule.

Ridder at his best is a perfect fit for the offense that Arthur Smith wants to run and should be an easy upgrade over Mariota. After Bijan, there is no question that Desmond is set up for the clearest leap forward in an offense perfectly set up for a young quarterback.