5 Atlanta Falcons players under contract for 2024 that fans are ready to move on from

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1. Kaleb McGary

Kaleb's contract makes it wiser for the Atlanta Falcons to hope the 2022 version of their right tackle shows backup. However, fans are tired of seeing the struggles from the tackle and the pressure he generates far too often when protecting his quarterback. McGary can be a great run blocker but must improve under Zac Robinson.

This is going to be a more balanced offense that demands better pass protection and it is fair to wonder if Kaleb McGary is capable of that. Fans were somewhat ready to move on before his big 2022 season. Now that he has been paid as a top starter fans will grow even more frustrated if things don't quickly improve.

Watch right tackle throughout the offseason and look for the Falcons to bring in someone they believe capable of stepping in as a starter. Atlanta cannot move on right now due to the dead cap it would create vs. potential value.

Kaleb could quickly change this narrative with a strong start to the season but for now, fans are frustrated with their right tackle and wondering if the team made the wrong decision paying him after a career season in 2022.