5 Atlanta Falcons players under contract for 2024 that fans are ready to move on from

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2. Desmond Ridder

Yes, he is a cheap emergency quarterback, and easy depth Atlanta can't go out and add easily. However, fans are beyond frustrated with every quarterback on Atlanta's roster. After the worst season of Ryan's career in Atlanta, we have watched Desmond Ridder, Marcus Mariota, and Taylor Heinicke.

Aside from the cap implications fans simply want a fresh start and to move on from their failed quarterbacks. Taylor is already heading out the door considering his cap hit and it is possible that Ridder won't be far behind.

It all depends on whether or not the Falcons believe having a cheap emergency quarterback is worth keeping their former starter in the building. It could be deemed wiser to remove all of last year's voices at the position and go out and find both a new starter and backup option. Atlanta could draft a quarterback in the later rounds that is just as much of a bargain. Regardless, Atlanta fans are tired of the poor play from the quarterback position and ready to move on from all the reminders of what they have had to watch over the past two seasons. Don't be shocked if the team chooses to move on from last year's starter.