5 Atlanta Falcons players who have been MIA in 2023

While the Atlanta Falcons have had plenty of impact players through the first part of the 2023 season, here are a few who have yet to show up
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Five Atlanta Falcons who have been missing in 2023

Every NFL team has its fair share of surprising contributors and disappointments. The Atlanta Falcons had lofty expectations for many of their players and while most of them have delivered, there are still a few names that you might have forgotten about.

The good news is that we still have a lot of season left and some will start to emerge from their cave. Think about rookie RB Tyler Allgeier last season; he was inactive in week one and didn't really hit the ground running until midseason.

Needless to say, there is still time for these players to make their name known but so far this season, they have been missing in action.

1. Mike Hughes - CB/PR

Former first-round pick Mike Hughes signed a decent contract to join the Atlanta Falcons this past offseason. He is a versatile player who has played in the slot and on the boundary as a corner and has been a decent special teams piece.

However, Hughes has been a big disappointment in every facet of the game. He has played hardly any snaps on defense and has done next to nothing as the primary punt returner.

With Dee Alford playing well on defense, getting production from Hughes as a returner should be the number one priority.