5 Atlanta Falcons that could be cut to free up salary cap space

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2. Taylor Heinicke- Potential $1.2 Million in cap savings

The aforementioned Taylor Heinicke is likely safe from any roster cuts based on what Atlanta did this offseason. At the start of the year if the team had cut the quarterback they would have saved $7-million in cap space. That is a massive number for a player that was never going to take the field for the team in the 2024 season.

However, there was immense value put on what Heinicke is bringing to the team off the field. The team re-worked the contract and Heinicke now has a much smaller potential cap savings. The only reason the Falcons do this is if they want Penix as the clear backup and want to bring in a project quarterback as their third emergency option. It is unlikely the team changes course but it is still possible if the team badly needs to free up cap space.

3. Ade Ogundeji- Potential $3.1-Million in cap savings

The young pass rusher hasn't been able to stay on the field and has been underwhelming in limited action. Yes, the Falcons are desperate to find a pass rush but cutting Ogundeji and Carter saves you enough money to go out and bring in a couple of veteran pieces to help guide your young edge rushers. This is arguably the most obvious cut of them all.