5 Atlanta Falcons that could be cut to free up salary cap space

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4. Richie Grant- Potential $3 Million in cap savings

The team is unlikely to give up on Grant before camp and the preseason play themselves out. As a player they have invested a lot in it isn't going to be easy to admit the obvious. Grant's development has gone in the wrong direction and Hellams is now the better starter.

Atlanta again can cut Grant and free up cap space to go out and add a veteran backup. There is also the consideration of trusting Hellums or considering giving Dee Alford a chance at the position. Regardless it is clear that Grant's time as a starter with the Falcons should be at an end.

5. Mike Hughes- Potential $3 Million in cap savings

Yes, the Falcons are desperate at the corner position. However, objectively someone that gives Atlanta this level of production can be added for a far cheaper rate. Hughes wasn't an asset in the 2023 season and it is hard to see the corner suddenly improving.

It is a position Atlanta needs to address in free agency and part of freeing up the needed cap space to do that should be cutting Mike Hughes.