5 Atlanta Falcons that will benefit most from Kirk Cousins signing

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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2. Zac Robinson

Yes, the Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator took the job despite looking at a roster with Logan Woodside, Taylor Heinicke, and Desmond Ridder as their starting options. Despite knowing a move was going to happen there had to be a healthy level of concern after Russell Wilson and Baker Mayfield signed.

Both players signing was followed by the news that perhaps Cousins was going to remain with the Vikings after all. Rookie offensive coordinator Zac Robinson instead wound up with the best quarterback on the market and a player that could easily fit into his system.

This isn't Justin Fields or Michael Penix Jr. that is going to need a ton of coaching and development. This is an established veteran who is going to come in and be an adult in the room and help establish the culture and level of play that you are expecting.

Kirk Cousins doesn't have the arm of Matthew Stafford but they are very similar players in how they play the position and when they are at their best. Robinson doesn't need to change his offense but simply look at what Cousins does well and allow the veteran to work within the system.