5 Atlanta Falcons that will benefit most from Kirk Cousins signing

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Drake London

Will we finally see an 1,000 yard season from Drake London in year three? If the answer is no something has gone horribly wrong for both sides.

Kirk Cousins is going to look like prime Tom Brady to a receiver and a fanbase that has endured Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder for two seasons. Many Falcons fans will remember a moment in the 2023 season when Ridder simply heaved the ball up for Drake London and the receiver went over and around his defender to make a spectacular catch.

It was a peak at the level of talent that Arthur Smith and Desmond Ridder were wasting. Ridder's number one target was Drake London and yet so often Smith's routes and Ridder's throws wasted his time and talent. Drake London isn't a top-five receiver in a stacked position.

However, with Kirk Cousins now as his starter, this is going to be the year he makes an argument he is a top-ten player at his position. London's only downside is his lack of elite speed, aside from this he can do everything you want to see from your primary target.

If the Falcons can add someone capable of stretching the field, you will begin to see even more just how underutilized London has been the last two seasons.