5 Atlanta Falcons that will likely follow Jonnu Smith out the door

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2. Desmond Ridder

This one comes as a bit of a surprise in some ways when you consider how little Desmond Ridder is making in the 2024 season. Keeping Desmond as the third quarterback makes a lot of sense considering his starting history and the fact he is still on his rookie contract.

This seemed to be the clear path forward for the Falcons and still could be the decision. However, with how Raheem Morris has flamed the quarterback position it is fair to wonder if there is a scenario where keeping Ridder makes sense.

Morris has made it known that the quarterback position is why he is in Atlanta and what held the team back in the 2023 season. This clearly speaks of his opinion of Ridder and suggests that the quarterback could be out the door despite his bargain contract.

Atlanta's best move would be keeping Ridder as the third quarterback and bringing in a veteran as well as drafting a quarterback. This keeps Desmond far removed from starting and gives you a cheap third starter with experience. However, with how Raheem has talked about the position and how frustrated fans were with Desmond it wouldn't be shocking to see the team opt to move on.