5 Bargains the Atlanta Falcons should consider signing

Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers
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2. Shaquille Leonard

Leonard wasn't playing up to his contract and his snaps were going down. The Colts opted to move on despite Leonard's history and having estbalished himself in past as a great player. Atlanta could look to add to a defense that lost Grady Jarrett and Troy Andersen this season. Leonard would be a great boost and perhaps a piece the Falcons could buy low on and build around. The problem for Atlanta, however, is at this point in the season Leonard can likely pick his landing spot and will likely lean toward a Super Bowl contender. Atlanta has a path to sneak into the playoffs but clearly is far from a real contender.

3. Kenny Golladay

At first glance Kenny Golladay seems to be the perfect Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith target. A buy-low veteran who has had a history of putting up big numbers in the right situation. You have a jump ball receiver as well with the frame and size to block at a high level. Perhaps the issues in New York have scared teams off from scoring Kenny. Though considering the possible upside it is still a very tempting move to consider heading into the final games of the season.