5 Bargains the Atlanta Falcons should consider signing

Indianapolis Colts v Carolina Panthers
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4. TY Hilton

Does Hilton impact winning as he did with the Colts? No the receiver is a shell of that big play receiver that he was with Indy. But at this point in the season if the Falcons even considered adding a free agent, they are going to be bargain shopping. Looking at receivers either coming off of rough seasons or aging veterans. Hilton may not be better than Atlanta's current option but give the veteran a chance to come in and prove he can still have an impact in the right situation.

5. Veteran pass rushers

The last time the Atlanta Falcons had a capable defense they had a myriad of options to rush the passer. It was the last time Atlanta had a capable pass rush and the last time they were a serious contender. Watching the Falcons defense it is clear it isn't the secondary that is the problem for the Falcons. The lack of pressure is glaring and without Grady Jarrett it is only getting worse. Much like the receiver position, there are a lot of aging veterans looking for one last shot sitting in free agency. Perhaps the Falcons consider making a move to improve a struggling unit.