5 biggest questions remaining for Atlanta Falcons at this point of the season

The five questions we all still have about the Atlanta Falcons as we exit the bye week
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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2. Can Desmond Ridder avoid the turnovers as the Falcons starting QB?

Desmond Ridder is the quarterback who can guide the Atlanta Falcons to the postseason. He is capable of leading a diverse offense that Taylor Heinicke simply cannot. The Falcons need Ridder to avoid those mistakes and make the plays that should be made.

He obviously went on an ugly streak of turning the ball over. He threw three interceptions against Washington, fumbled three times against Tampa Bay, and fumbled once in the first half of the Tennessee game. Those are the things that cannot happen.

Rely on the run game and then make those short to intermediate throws. Avoid putting the ball in harm's way and you should be in good shape.