5 biggest questions remaining for Atlanta Falcons at this point of the season

The five questions we all still have about the Atlanta Falcons as we exit the bye week
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
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4. Can the Falcons find any sort of success on punt returns?

The Atlanta Falcons have been embarrassingly bad when it comes to returning punts. They have gone from being the best, by a wide margin, last year to easily the worst this year. It is unacceptable.

The coaches have tried everything, they have switched up the personnel, they have switched up the returners, but nothing has worked thus far.

Mike Hughes has been bad, Scotty Miller has been bad, and Dee Alford and Bijan Robinson haven't had many opportunities. This is an area that is plaguing this team and it needs to be fixed.

Punt returns are the kickstarts' for your offense. When your offense is struggling, long punt returns are gold, but they are something the Falcons have not been able to get.

It isn't only bad returns and bad blocking, it is bad decision making and that is just inexcusable.