5 biggest questions remaining for Atlanta Falcons at this point of the season

The five questions we all still have about the Atlanta Falcons as we exit the bye week

Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals
Atlanta Falcons v Arizona Cardinals / Mike Christy/GettyImages
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5. Can the Falcons defense find its footing again?

It took until week six for the Atlanta Falcons defense to allow more than 24 points. From weeks 8-10, they have allowed 28, 31, and 25 points.

It isn't only the fact that they are allowing more than 24 points, it is who they are allowing it to. They gave up 28 points to a rookie making his debut in an offense that had struggled, then they allowed 31 points to a quarterback who hadn't taken a snap with his team and an offense without Justin Jefferson, and finally, they allowed 25 points to the Arizona Cardinals.

Obviously, there is a caveat to that, they don't have Grady Jarrett anymore and they were without Dee Alford and David Onyemata in week ten—those three were/are massive losses. But there is still no excuse.

The defense always seemed to be able to get those key stops late in games until recently. More than anything, they need to get stops in the fourth quarter, like how they did to start the season.

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