5 Biggest upgrades the Atlanta Falcons made this off-season

Atlanta's biggest upgrade this off-season was at a position that derailed the team in 2022 keeping them from division contention
Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders
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1. Starting Desmond Ridder and replacing Mariota with Taylor Heinicke

Let's address the Mariota part of this move first, the veteran quarterback quit on Desmond Ridder and a team that gave him far more chances than were deserved. Marcus should have played out the final games giving Ridder the same support Desmond offered during Mariota's starts. If that were the case perhaps bringing Mariota back on a re-worked deal would have been an option.

Instead, Mariota quit his way out of Atlanta and the team clearly upgraded the backup position by adding Taylor Heinicke. Taylor is a player that is perfect for Arthur Smith and with this division and schedule will win a lot of games if forced into action.

Desmond Ridder is clearly an upgrade over Mariota and should look far better than his first four starts with an upgraded offense and more experience. While being an upgrade over one of the worst starters in the league isn't saying much Ridder's ceiling promises far more than just that.

With a great anticipation, quick decision-making, and a scrambling ability that was underutilized look for Ridder to make a huge leap early for the Falcons winning a lot of fans over and proving an off-season full of criticism wrong.