5 Biggest upgrades the Atlanta Falcons made this off-season

Atlanta's biggest upgrade this off-season was at a position that derailed the team in 2022 keeping them from division contention
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3. Atlanta's pass rush and defensive interior

The bulk of Atlanta's moves in free agency this off-season were about improving the pass rush and a struggling defensive line. Outside of Grady Jarrett, the team has struggled to find any consistent contributor and fixed the situation by adding depth and veterans that can help develop Atlanta's young pieces.

David Onyemata, Bud Dupree, Eddie Goldman, Lorenzo Carter, (re-signed) Kaden Elliss, Calais Campbell, and Zach Harrison were all added as pieces to improve Atlanta's interior or pass rush. Goldman and Carter both were on the roster last season but Lorenzo was a free agent and Goldman is returning from a short-lived retirement.

Clearly, this is the most talented group that Grady Jarrett has ever had to work with and these upgrades along with expected growth from Atlanta's young talent should push them well above league average. This is an accomplishment in itself considering how poorly Atlanta's defensive lines and pass rushers have fared over the past three seasons.

Outside of Grady Jarrett, there hasn't been a consistent threat Atlanta can count on. That will clearly change this season with a myriad of upgrades made setting up the Falcons' defense for huge leap in the 2023 season.