5 Biggest upgrades the Atlanta Falcons made this off-season

Atlanta's biggest upgrade this off-season was at a position that derailed the team in 2022 keeping them from division contention

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4. Bijan Robinson

This was a position that wasn't expected to be upgraded heading into the off-season. You have a 1,000 yard rusher in the second year of his rookie deal in Tyler Allgeier and a fan favorite in Patterson that has proven to be a great option at the position.

However, with Atlanta drafting the best player on the board the team went with former Texas running back Bijan Robinson. Say what you will about the decision but there is no arguing that Robinson is clearly more talented and well rounded than Allgeier.

Bijan is a great receiver as well as being an elite number one option out of the backfield. While Allgeier is still going to receive plenty of chances in Arthur Smith's system make no mistake this is Bijan's job and team.

The running back has a star power that was clear from the time the Falcons made the selection setting high expectations that seem reasonable considering the talent. Robinson was a decision that gave Arthur Smith the ability to put Patterson back in a utility role and have two running backs capable of carrying the Atlanta offense taking even more pressure off of Desmond Ridder.