5 Current and former Falcons that could follow Raheem Morris to Atlanta

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1. Jerry Gray

Jerry Gray was an assistant head coach for the 2023 Atlanta Falcons and is well respected in this league. While Morris should be expected to build out his own staff don't be surprised if Gray is retained. Whether it is in his current role or as the defensive coordinator, Gray remaining in Atlanta is great for this team.

Raheem might want his own coaches in position but typically at least some of the current staff is retained. If that is the case here there is zero question that Gray should be kept in Atlanta. The veteran coach has an extensive resume and clearly fits the type of coaches that Morris will likely target.

Gray is experienced, defensive-minded, and a leader of men. This is the exact type of coach that you should expect on Raheem's staff in Atlanta. If Gray isn't kept there will be plenty of teams that are eager to add the veteran to their staff. With his current resume Gray would be more than qualified to step into Ryan Nielsen's role and take over as the defensive coordinator. The only concern would be if the defense needs a complete reset after an ugly finish to the 2023 season.