5 Former Atlanta Falcons that could return in the 2024 season

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3. Julio Jones

This is far from the first time this suggestion has been made and it won't be the last. Julio Jones gave the franchise everything he had any time he took the field for Atlanta. The ferocity with which he played took a toll and that is the reason he has aged so quickly. Jones played at a level that was impossible for all but a select few in league history.

A level that has now caught up with the receiver and left him as simply a depth piece. Depth Atlanta could use even if you set aside his history with the franchise. Bring Jones back and allow him a farewell tour as your 4th or 5th option at receiver. Take the pressure off of Julio and allow him to put on a uniform he had so many clutch moments in.

4. Keith Smith

In Atlanta's current system, this position is going to be far less important. However, Keith Smith has done his job well, and could make sense to be re-signed. Zac Robinson is going to be completely focused on spreading out the field and creating more space for Bijan Robinson. It makes sense if the team moves on or opts to bring Smith back for one more season.