5 former Falcons who are still having trouble finding jobs

These former Falcons have an uncertain future as they continue to go unclaimed.

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The turnover in each NFL offseason is dramatic. Every player who gets drafted and makes the roster will drive one veteran onto the streets.

With the Falcons having so few big-name free agents, there are still many names out on the market desperately looking for a new team.

Here are five former Falcons players who continue to struggle to find jobs, including two names that will rewind the clock a few years.

1. Keith Smith, FB

With Arthur Smith as the head coach, Keith Smith has a seat at the table. With Zac Robinson controlling the offense, Smith has to find a seat elsewhere. It is that simple.

Sean McVay is one of the many play-callers who doesn't use a fullback. Robinson's offensive structure will come from McVay so we can infer that the 2024 Falcons will not have a fullback on their roster.

While he was a good special teams contributor, if he isn't going to make an impact on the offense then there is no reason to bring him back. With so few openings in the NFL, 'Beef' will be lucky to find a home in 2024.