5 free agents the Falcons should sign to one-year prove-it deals

The Atlanta Falcons should give these five players an opportunity to reignite their careers as they head into next year's free agency period.

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2. player. Davis. Wide receiver. Gabe Davis. . Gabe Davis. 16. .

One of the more interesting things to keep an eye on in free agency is what Gabe Davis' value ends up being. On one hand, you have a talented receiver who has put up Julio Jones-type numbers in the biggest games of his life, but on the other, you have a receiver who had nine games during the regular season where he didn't break 40 receiving yards.

If Davis can sign with a team for a season and then show that he can be a consistent threat then he will land himself a deal north of $18 million per year. This would be a great signing by Fontenot.

. White. Tre'Davious White. Tre'Davious White. 16. Cornerback. . player. . 3

Just a few days ago we saw the Buffalo Bills release a few of their starters and among them was star CB Tre'Davious White.

White's value right now is lower than it could be if he were to prove that he can stay healthy. He has been one of the best in the game but has struggled to keep his cleats on the field. Sign with the Falcons and he would have one of the best seasons of his career and earn another massive deal in 2025.