5 free agents the Falcons should sign to one-year prove-it deals

The Atlanta Falcons should give these five players an opportunity to reignite their careers as they head into next year's free agency period.

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. Calvin Ridley. Ridley. player. 52. Wide receiver. . Calvin Ridley. 4.

Former Falcons star wide receiver, Calvin Ridley, is another name worth monitoring on the open market. There is a split view on him right now; some think he is a capable number-one receiver while others think he is "just" a very good number-two.

While signing with the Falcons might not give us a clear answer to that, it would still put him in a position to succeed right away with a coach and city he already knows.


Cornerback. . player. Howard. . . Xavien Howard. 5. Xavien Howard. 59

Xavien Howard is one of many defensive backs who have been released by their team recently. He has been seen as one of the best at his position for a while now, especially when it comes to making plays on the ball.

Last season, Howard missed a handful of games and only recorded one interception. If he signs with the Falcons for a season he will put himself in a position to get his hands on a lot more and set himself up for one last massive contract in 2025.

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