5 Games Atlanta Falcons fans should have their eye on ahead of schedule release

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Atlanta Falcons vs. Tampa Bay Bucs

With both a home and road game it all depends on which is first to determine which matchup will be more interesting. Baker Mayfield and Mike Evans aren't simply going to roll over and hand the division because the Falcons added Kirk Cousins and receiver depth. This is a team that thrived in the underdog role last year and will once again take up that identity.

Yes, the NFC South was all time bad but the Bucs found a way to string wins together late and pull off a playoff upset against the Eagles. This is a confident team that has taking on the attitude of their quarterback. Give the team credit and a healthy level of respect going into the season.

Atlanta lost the division last year when they let Baker Mayfield complete a comeback and the division lead slipped away. The first matchup with Tampa is going to be key for both teams to set a tone and dependent on the timing grab early control of the division.

Both teams have question marks in the secondary making this matchup likely to be a highly entertaining high-scoring affair.