5 Games Atlanta Falcons fans should have their eye on ahead of schedule release

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Atlanta Falcons @ Denver Broncos

The Atlanta Falcons can't afford to drop this game against hated rival Sean Payton. This is arguably the worst AFC roster Atlanta has on the schedule and despite being on the road in the altitude it is a key game to win dependent on the schedule layout.

There is also the clear advantage that Atlanta has a quarterback with Kirk Cousins. Denver's starting quarterback is expected to be Bo Nix who has clear concerns at the next level. We watched how Sean Payton treated Russell Wilson last season. From the outside, it appeared to be a very toxic relationship between the coach and quarterback.

For Atlanta Falcons fans who feel a certain way about Sean Payton, this doesn't come as a surprise. Atlanta plays a tough AFC division this season facing the Chargers and the Chiefs. They cannot afford to drop a game to the worst team in the division.

Add in Sean Payton and Bo Nix and as long as the game isn't played extremely late in the season it is going to be a key game for Atlanta. As well as a big