5 Games that could define Kirk Cousins' 2024 Atlanta Falcons

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1. New Orleans Saints

The more hate you feed into this rivalry the more Atlanta Falcons fans will love you for it. Kirk Cousins could have a losing record this season but if he beats the Saints twice and is a driving factor, he will have a level of support.

The Saints could well be the swing games within Atlanta's season. The Carolina Panthers are a complete mess and should have been swept with Desmond Ridder at quarterback. Bring in Kirk Cousins and talent at receiver and they will be swept. Tampa is a good team that Atlanta should be happy to split within the 2024 season.

Kirk Cousins beats the Saints twice in the 2024 season the Falcons are making the playoffs and Cousins will have earned a lot of respect from the fanbase. The all-time record between these two teams is up for grabs and the New Orleans roster is heading in the wrong direction.

Atlanta needs to go 5-1 in the division in 2024 with tougher road games and a harder road. Kirk Cousins sweeps the Saints in the 2024 season and the criticism is going to quiet over the move. Atlanta could miss the playoffs and there would be those still supporting Cousins if he sweeps the Saints.