5 Games that could define Kirk Cousins' 2024 Atlanta Falcons

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3. Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta and Kirk Cousins are going to host the Dallas Cowboys in the 2024 season. If they are given a prime-time game or a featured game in the second window it will be this one. Dallas brings attention and with that comes inflated reactions to anything around them. This means that Kirk Cousins is going to be under a lot of pressure whenever Atlanta faces Dallas.

You have a Cowboys roster that has taken a step back and will be Atlanta's best chance at beating a contender in the NFC. The Falcons aren't beating Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs even at home. This leaves the list of clear playoff contenders Atlanta will face the Eagles, Chargers, and Bucs.

This is Atlanta's best chance to see Kirk Cousins win a prime-time game and beat a playoff contender. There are many fringe playoff teams on Atlanta's schedule but only these five are clearly in the conversation.

Beating Dak Prescott and Dallas puts Atlanta firmly in the NFC conversation and earns Kirk Cousins respect. The flip side of this is if Atlanta drops the game to Dallas and Cousins plays poorly there will be an overreaction. Kirk Cousins beating Dallas could define his 2024 season.