5 games the Atlanta Falcons will be favored to win (and 3 they won't)

The Atlanta Falcons have plenty of matchups they will be favored to win during the 2024 season.
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

Playoffs are on everyone's minds in Atlanta for the 2024 season. The last time we saw the Falcons in the postseason was seven years ago when they lost to the eventual Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles on a goal-line stand.

To break that drought, this new-look team has win the games they are favored in. There will be plenty of them considering they have the easiest schedule in the league yet again. It would also help to win a few that the oddsmakers don't see them winning.

Let's look at five games the Dirty Birds will be favored to win, followed by three they won't be.

Five games the Atlanta Falcons will be favored in

Week 1 vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

The oddsmakers already have week one ready to go. Most everywhere you look the Falcons are favored by about a field goal, as they should be. They are the home team and they have the better team overall. Whichever quarterback can sync with their playmakers first will take home a week one victory.

Week 4 vs. New Orleans Saints

Despite not having a quarterback and being the home team, the Atlanta Falcons were only two-point underdogs in last year's week 12 matchup between the two rivals. This year, the two teams will meet much earlier and the good guys will be the overwhelming favorites.

Weeks 6 & 18 vs. Carolina Panthers

There is no denying that the Carolina Panthers are in a rebuild. They have their quarterback and spent a lot of money on their offensive line. However, they still lack playmakers and lost some key pieces on the defensive side of the ball.

Hopefully, Atlanta will be able to score more than seven points and won't lose to three field goals when they travel to Charlotte. That was quite a disappointment.

Week 15 at Las Vegas Raiders

The east-coast Falcons will have to travel far west to Las Vegas to take a Raiders team that doesn't have a starting-caliber quarterback. This primetime matchup will see Kirk Cousins' team with the advantage.

Week 16 vs. New York Giants

Atlanta has what will presumably be the easiest two-week stretch you can imagine. They will play two teams without stability at the most important position. Even if we switched venues, the Birds would still be the favorite.

Three games the Atlanta Falcons won't be favored in

Week 2 at Philadelphia Eagles

For my money, this is the toughest matchup of the year for the Atlanta Falcons. They will be on the road in one of the most hostile environments against a team looking to put their disappointing end to the 2023 season to rest. No matter how week one goes, the Falcons will be underdogs—which wasn't the case in their last playoff matchup.

Week 3 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Again, no matter how bad the Kansas City Chiefs were to look in their first couple of games, Patrick Mahomes will be the favorite in a week three Sunday Night Football matchup. That is just how it works in today's game.

Week 9 vs. Dallas Cowboys

Atlanta has had some rough times against the Dallas Cowboys in recent matchups. While the Cowboys made little moves in the offseason and didn't commit to their future, they are still good enough to have the edge over the home team.

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