5 Largest scheduled 2023 Atlanta Falcons cap hits

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1. Jake Matthews $28.3 Million projected cap hit

Jake Matthews is one of the few remaining Atlanta Falcons from the Matt Ryan era. The veteran left tackle secured a new deal as one of Atlanta's veteran building blocks and clearly, that was a wise move considering the market at the position and the level at which Matthews is still able to play.

Locking up their offensive line has been one of the biggest keys under Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot. Considering the offense the team runs this stands to reason and makes Jake's contract well worth the 2023 cap hit.

Matthews hasn't been perfect but remains one of the most reliable tackles in the league and will be relied on heavily with Desmond Ridder heading into his first season as a full-time starter. Jake's cap hit will drop by an expected $9 million next season with Fontenot doing a great job spreading out the worst cap hits throughout the next three seasons.

Jake's deal is a great example of what this front office has done so well and offers Atlanta the chance to keep at least one familiar face as the Arthur Smith era has seen the majority of Atlanta's veterans out the door.