5 Largest scheduled 2023 Atlanta Falcons cap hits

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2. Grady Jarrett $20.6 Million projected cap hit

It is exciting to think about the version of Grady Jarrett that we will get to watch every week in the 2023 season. This is the most talented group of pass rushers and interior linemen that Jarrett has had around him during his entire career. With a mix of veterans and young talent, Jarrett is perfectly set up for the best year of the veteran's career.

It would be a well-deserved step forward for a player that has been quietly elite throughout his tenure with Atlanta.

There isn't anything to complain about with Atlanta's top two cap hits both linemen who have seen the best and worst of Atlanta football over the last decade and regardless of the team around them play at a high level.

The start of last season is a perfect example of what Jarrett is capable of. Early in the year, Grady made three clutch plays that gave Atlanta a chance to win each of the three games. His impact was only slowed when the opposing offense realized they simply needed to send their best coverage his way and force someone else to beat them. That is a luxury team won't have this season and sets up Jarrett for the best year of his career.